Miod Mist and for Men

On one of my internet surf adventures I came across the The Organic Beauty Shop, a lovely clean website selling organic and natural beauty products made here in Australia. 



I wanted to purchase so much but my student budget does not allow for it… 

$50 got me two Miod products delivered straight to my door (unfortunately it was a 44 degree day so I hope they weren’t spoilt). 

Pure, honest and 100% natural skincare that

nourishes the skin and respects the



The Hydrating Face Mist is amazing, it is so refreshing after being chilled in the fridge. I don’t often wear foundation but when I do it’s just a mineral powder that feels like it’s constantly falling off my face. It’s nice to know that the mist is helping it stick and keeping me hydrated. Because it’s a light spray the bottle seems like it will last for ages. I’ve already used it like 50 times and the bottle looks as it did on the day I received it. 



I chose the beard oil for my boyfriend whose stubbled face finds it difficult to keep moisturised. The oil has produced some amazing results after just two applications. Oil is sometimes worrying to use because it can leave your face with that unwanted sheen reminiscent of sweat and overall grossness. However skin seems to love this beard oil, it was quickly absorbed and left no look of excessive oiliness. I’d highly recommend this for the itchy bearded lads. 

Definitely looking forward to making more purchases from this online store! 


Organic Basics for the Boy

Basics aren’t actually as basic as they seem.

The idea of a basic garment leads us to believe that its cost should be minimal but this is not the case at all.

I always had a feeling that something was wrong with regular cotton t-shirts when the first organic cotton t-shirt was marketed. My previous studies at Melbourne University opened my eyes to the idea of “embodied energy” and the true cost of production that goes unseen by the public.

In 2011 Peppermint Magazine published an excellent set of info graphics illustrating the all the factors that contribute to the making of common items such as plastic water bottles, gold rings and of course that must-have cotton t-shirt.

Scan 6

For ONE cotton t-Shirt:

2700L of water

1.5kg pesticide and fertiliser chemicals

3.3kg of carbon dioxide emissions per kilo of cotton

20,000 people die every year from accidental pesticide poisoning in cotton agriculture and 1,000,000 people suffer from long-term pesticide poisoning

200,000 cotton farmers commit suicide annually due to pesticide debts

7 of the 15 pesticides used in cotton farming are ‘possible’, ‘likely’ or ‘known’ carcinogens (have the ability to cause cancer in humans)

(Image & information credits to Peppermint Magazine, Issue #11, 2011, pg 61)

Fortunately organic cotton farming and organic garment purchases are on the rise. It’s not difficult to buy organic and more importantly to buy fashionable and durable garments.

The average male wardrobe consists of a few plain t-shirts and shirts. And that pair of jeans that they always wear. I’ve raided my boyfriend’s closet to illustrate some organic investments.


Blue and beige t-shirts by Bassike ~ $90AUD
These t-shirts have a raw feel about them that just makes you trust that they’ll last for ages.

Navy t-shirt by Nudie Jeans Co. ~ $85AUD
Softer than the Bassike t-shirts, Nudie have given their tees that signature worn-in feel.

Burnt orange t-shirt by Nique’s White Label range $54.95AUD
Super soft due to an amazing blend of bamboo and cotton, it’s guaranteed to be a favourite.


Nudie also makes organic shirts with checks that go with everything! And of course that staple jean that might be pricey in comparison to the regular market but is definitely worth it – especially since it’s encouraged not to wash them, what male would refuse that?